ScratchBall, The Trickshot Billiard Game
Billiards for the Artistic Players

Pool Billiards Game - Learn How to Play Billiards, starting with a Free Fundamentals Course.

Pool & Billiard Magazine - The monthly magazine with information relating to billiards.

Pool and pocket billiards resource  - A site for pool and pocket billiards players. Game descriptions, equipment care and maintenance, playing tips, pool accessories, billiards history, links and more are just a click away.

Pool For Beginners - The site where beginners to the game of pool and billiards can learn the basics, like cue selection, proper stance and stroke, how to aim, pool terminology, the mental game, shooting tips, strategy, and much more.

Pool Tables - We have great prices on top quality pool tables.

Roadplayer Billiards - We offer a vast array of products for Pool from all the major manufacturers; including accessories and learning tools!

The Cue Stick - The World of Cue Sports. Comprehensive information for all pool & billiard enthusiasts!

Trick Shot Tim - Learn pool trick shots with free videos and tutorial by world-ranked trick shot artist Tim "The Dragon" Chin!

United States Professional Poolplayers Association (UPA) - The Governing Body of Men’s Professional Pool

World Pool-Billiard Association - International rules for a variety of billiard games.

Pool Ball Looking for a pool balls? Pool Tables Fast offers amazing deals. We are your #1 destination for all your pool ball needs.

Artistic Pool & Trick Shot Association - Recommend visiting this site. The APTSA has a great shot program for learning artistic trickshots. Many of these are useful in ScratchBall. Has the schedule for professional events.

Artistic Pool - Schedules for Dr. Cues Classic Artistic Cup & league tournaments. Plus, the history of artistic pool.

Ace's Web World: Pool and Billiards - A Source for pool and billiards books, pool posters, pool movies on DVD, pool art, pool and music t-shirts, and discount pool cues and supplies.

American Poolplayers Association (APA) - The world’s largest pool league.

Andy "The Magic Man" Segal - The official home page for world champion trick shot artist Andy Segal.

ANiTOKiD on Billiards! - The AnitoKid Chronikos, Billiards and Philippine sports!

Billiard Congress of America (BCA) - Governing Body of Pool in the US.

Billiards Forum - An online billiards and pool resource, blog, and forums with over 3000 pages of billiards tips and articles.

Billiards World - Home of the "Pool Guy".

Cue Sport Group - A great weblog. Here we will be giving you everything that you need to know about the sport: equipments, game reviews, pro players profile, trick shots and a whole lot more!.

Dr. Daves Instructional Products - 'Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards' and 'Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots.

European Pocket Billiard Federation - Governing Body of Pool in Europe.

Florian “VenomTrickShots” Kohler - Great trickshot artist with over 40 awesome trickshot videos.

Inside POOL Magazine - Billiards News - The source for billiard news, games, downloads, forums, images, videos, lessons and more.

International Pool Tour - The largest pool tour in the history of billiards.

MN Billiards — US Bar Sports — Hundreds of links, News and events for billiards

Monk Billiard Academy - Take your skills to the next level with The Monk's unique training program.


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Pool & Billiards Literature, Art, Posters, Books, Cues, Tables, Accessories
Pool & Billiards Literature, Art, Posters, Books, Cues, Tables, Accessories

Pool & Billiards Literature, Art, Posters, Books, Cues, Tables, Accessories

Pool & Billiards Literature, Art, Posters, Books, Cues, Tables, Accessories